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South Park

Slot machine test: South Park

1997 debut of the series South Park, which has brought it about 17.Staffeln and is world's most popular. Originally, the idea is that based on figures that have been created for a video clip. The socio-critical and bawdy broadsides are already fans all over the world for well over a decade and should be one of you, then the South Park should be a real asset for you. But also provides net entertainment slots enough points that make the game worthwhile. Here, there are many different bonus games that are but not boring. But overall, it's the design of the machine, because it be used the original graphics, sounds and voices, so you can really enjoy South Park. Thus, the game definitely is unique and very interesting in two respects.

The slot game South Park a look is worth in any case time, which is why you should not long superior. If you're still unsure, you can indeed play South Park for free. But as the game is real, what you however need to be logged in as a registered customer, for example, in the CasinoEuro. Then you can make your bets and win also cash in South Park.

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South Park online game

In some bonus games you can have almost the feeling, to be landed in an episode of South Park. Of course, it's the graphics that have been taken over directly. The peculiar humor is here also to find why you should be playing quietly with the sound. But all design and every joke are useless, if not also something interesting on the rolling happens. But in this respect, South Park has a lot to offer, even if it starts only with profit series.

Winning lines are always the default in the slots. Your goal is to form rows of symbols consisting of same South Park after a spin of the reels. Manage what you have basically no effect, then your cash register rings. However, remember also that whatever your usage will be deducted at the beginning of a round and not any profit plays it back. But, the advantage of an increase in usage is that you can this lead to higher profits. The 25 paylines are fixed in South Park, and cannot be changed by you. For each of these lines, you pay a regular service.

Slot game symbols in the South Park online slot

South Park fans are with the symbols very feel, although there are several default themes. But as long as they bring in profits, it should bother you little. Of course, there are also the four main characters. These include Cartman, Kenny, Kyle and Stan. So but not enough, because any of these figures offers even an own bonus game, where each a nice additional income waiting for you. Partly, these gains can be very high if you, for example, as in the Cartman bonus game lucky and can't hit on the police. There are also wilds and mini-games, and also a sticky wild that cling to the rolls. Partially the bonus features are raised also in randomly and independently of symbols.

Slot machines instructions from South Park

Much in this slot machines could come directly from the series, but in the end must of course also played. To turn the rollers in each round new, so new profit opportunities may arise. But also in the South Park slot game, it is very important that you yourself especially thoughts about your usage, because you very directly affects your profits so. You can find information about the game and the symbols in the profit table.

Conclusion to the South Park test

The theme is unique in any case and if you love South Park, then the machine is likely to meet your taste in anyway. But regardless of the topic of machine offers also some bonus features. These are especially the, which will provide at the end of the relevant profit.

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